A Project for Systematic Measurements of the Electromagnetic Radiation

24 hour basis measurements
1st Technical High School of Athens

Monitoring station photos
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Monitoring site location

The chart below shows the levels of the power flux density for the overall frequency range measured (100KHz to 3GHz) for the selected monitoring station over the last week. The doted lines correspond to the stricter (lower) reference level value of the radiofrequency band 1.2 W/m² (red line) and the stricter of GSM 900 frequency band 2.7 W/m² (green line).

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Weekly power flux density chart

The chart below shows how much below the limits is the recorded weekly mean value and the maximum recorded valued of the power flux density in two spectrum sub-bands (100kHz-3GHz, 900MHz-3GHz).

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Comparison of power flux density with exposure limits

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from May 07, 2010 till November 27, 2020.
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Narrow-band measurements


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